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Tie Break in Vaasa 2013

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Are you interested in entertaining music that awakens your emotions? Inspired by beautiful melodies and harmonious singing by a chorus or quartet? Look no further, Barbershop is the style for you!

Barbershop was born in the late 19th Century in the United States of America. It is closely connected to jazz, blues and other afro-american genres of music. Barbershop is a way of performing a variety of musical styles. Arrangements vary from jazz-standards and ballads to pop and evergreens. Most importantly, barbershop is always sung in four-part harmony and  lot of fun! (read more…)

Finnish Association of Barbershop Singers, FABS acts as an interest group for barbershop singers, choruses and smaller groups in Finland. It promotes the barbershop style of singing. Its goal is to raise interest and awareness in chorus and quartet singing in many ways.

FABS has close connections to national, Nordic, and international barbershop organizations.

FABS organizes coaching events and hosts world-class barbershop singers traveling to Finland. FABS gives its members the opportunity to perform together with these singers.


2018 Harmony College

The Harmony College 2018 will be held in Helsinki, 27-28 October. We are planning to run HC in three parts: coaching for quartets and choruses, singing all together in a Grand Ensemble of FABS (two pre-prepared songs, TBD), and a concert for the public. An awesome afterglow will collect all attendees and their guests to sing, to enjoy and to have a small snack.

Why wouldn't you collect your friends and join us? Guest groups are always welcome to meet us, to sing for and with us, and to make friends with eachother!

A more detailed schedule is still under construction. One or two international coaches make sure that you'll get what you are looking for.

Interested? Please shoot us with e-mail,

Christmas concert, Helsinki 2013

Facts about the FABS

Finnish Association of Barbershop Singers FABS has been founded 2004 by a small group of enhusiastic people - actually a family - who felt that this form of a cappella music with its "close harmony" arrangements was missing in Finland. They wanted to have the first contest in fall 2004, but to organize one, there must be a formal organization. From a group of three individuals, the association soon grew with a handful of singers, then more and more friends of barbershop style joined, and today we are more than 150 singers in harmony.

FABS founded: 2004

Members (2017): about 150 (40 per cent female)

Choruses (more than 15 members): 4 (1 male, 1 female, 2 mixed)

Quartets: 10+

Affiliate of the BHS: Yes

Conventions: 1 per year

Concerts: 1-2 per year

Coaching camps: 1 per year

Sing Along events: 8-10 per year

Barbershop parties: 1-2 per year