FABS Quartetting Day



FABS Quartetting Day tuo yhteen motivoituneita kvartettilaulajia yhdessäoloon kvartettilaulun merkeissä lauantaina 7.11.2020. Päivän aikana laulamme eri kvartettikombinaatioissa 5 ennakkoon opeteltua laulua. Tapahtuman minimiosallistujamäärä on 20 henkilöä, eli 5 laulajaa per stemma, jolloin erilaisten spontaanien kvartettikokoonpanojen muodostaminen on mahdollista. Tapahtuma on saanut vahvoja vaikutteita eXtreme Quartetting Harmony Brigade -tapahtumista, joista lisätietoa alla.

Alustava ohjelma (klo 11:00-19:00)

  • Alkulämmittely, johtajana Atte Heikkinen (The Finnish Line, Clubhouse Quartet)
  • Ohjelmiston läpilaulaminen kuorona
  • Vapaata laulamista eri kvartettikombinaatioin
  • Lounastauko (tuothan omat evääsi)
  • Satunnaiskvartettikilpailu

FABS ry jäsenet: 50€
Muut: 70€

Kysymyksiä? Otathan yhteyttä: fabs.hallitus@gmail.com 




FABS Quartetting Day ger motiverade kvartettsångare möjligheten att sjunga tillsammans i spontana kvartettkombinationer lördagen 7.11.2020. Under dagens lopp använder vi oss av en repertoar på 5 sånger, som varje deltagare övat in i förvåg på egen hand. För att evenemanget skall ordnas, krävs att minimiantalet deltagare (20) fylls. Evenemanget är starkt inspirerat av eXtreme Quartetting Harmony Brigade -konseptet.

Preliminär tidtabell (kl. 11:00-19:00):

  • Uppvärmning ledd av Atte Heikkinen (The Finnish Line, Clubhouse Quartet)
  • Igenomsjungning av repertoaren tillsammans i kör
  • Fritt sjungande i flera olika kvartettkombinationer
  • Lunchpaus (hämta egen)
  • Kvartettävling i slumpmässigt lottade uppsättningar

FABS rf medlemmar: 50€
Övriga: 70€

Frågor? Ta gärna kontakt via fabs.hallitus@gmail.com




Are you an enthusiastic singer confident to hold your own in a quartet? Perhaps you don't currently have a quartet of your own, but miss singing together with three other people?

FABS Quartetting Day is an event for all well-prepared singers (SATB) joining together for a day of singing an exciting repertoire of 5 arrangements in the barbershop style. The Quartetting Day gives singers the opportunity to sing with an almost unlimited combination of singers in "random quartets", knowing that all participants know their music by heart and can sing it well. During the event, all singers are expected to know the repertoire by heart in order to create an enjoyable experience of making music together. You will have about 3 months to learn the repertoire on your own with the help of sheet music and high quality audio learning tracks, included in the registration fee.

The event will culminate in a "random quartet" contest, where different combinations of singers are drawn and given the opportunity to perform for each other. All contest performances are scored by your fellow singers, and the winning quartet will have the honor of being the first ever 'FABS Quartetting Day Random Quartet Champion'

WHEN? Saturday November 7th, 2020
WHERE? Helsinki (exact location To be Confirmed)
WHAT? Learning songs, singing together and having fun
WHO? All motivated singers

FABS ry members: 50€
Non-members: 70€

Preliminary agenda (11AM-7PM):

  • Physical, mental and vocal warm-up led by Atte Heikkinen (The Finnish Line, Clubhouse Quartet)
  • Repertoire sing-through in a chorus setting
  • Free singing in as many quartet combinations as possible
  • Lunch (bring your own)
  • "Random quartet" contest

Should you have any further questions, please write us at fabs.hallitus@gmail.com


The ranges of each voice part in the songs selected for FABS Quartetting Day. Sopranos and altos, note that the treble clef is sung "8vb", i.e. an octave lower than in SSAA arrangements.


Barbershop voice parts are always named tenor/lead/baritone/bass, regardless of gender. FABS has curated a repertoire of songs which, although arranged for male voices, are suitable for mixed groups. Voice parts will be assigned based on the applicants' wishes whenever possible, but the goal is to have an equal amount of singers in every voice part. Female voices: The lead part is often suitable for a low alto, and the tenor part can be sung comfortably by most female voices. Baritone is also a viable option for low altos.


  • A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night (arr. Jeremey Johnson)
  • Bye Bye Blues (arr. SPEBSQSA)
  • Dream Lover (arr. Kohl Kitzmiller)
  • I'm Feelin' Fine (arr. Joe Liles)
  • Love Me, and the World is Mine (arr. David Wright)



Quartet singing has been central to the barbershop style since its origins. Singing in a quartet is an amazing experience where each singer takes responsibility for their own voice part, notices the importance of their own voice in the overall ring of an ensemble, and creates an emotional and harmonic connection with other singers.

There are multiple annual events in the barbershop world which center around singing together in spontaneous "pick-up" quartets with new people. These official quartet events are known as "eXtreme Quartetting Harmony Brigades". Although these events can mostly be found around North America, two of them are organized in Europe; the UK Harmony Brigade and the European Harmony Brigade.

Usually, "harmony brigades" take place over a weekend and consist of participants from different voice parts joining together to form quartets. The newly formed quartet will then sing through some of the repertoire they've rehearsed in advance. This process is repeated with different combinations of singers and the joy of harmony is shared for an entire weekend. Each participant is given a so-called "dance card" which lists all participants by voice type. With the help of the dance card, participants then keep track of who they have sung with.

Harmony Brigade events usually draw around 50 to 100 participants which means that there is a plethora of different quartet lineups to be created! An official acknowledgement is presented to the "Guy Or Gal I Most Enjoyed Singing With", an honor which participants decide by vote. In a way, the honorary acknowledgement describes the event in a nutshell: every singer should strive towards being fun to sing with and creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

In addition to informal quartet singing, one of the the event's highlights is the quartet competition. Although the competition is rather playful, being prepared before attending a brigade is emphasized. The lineups of the competition quartets as well as the songs they compete with are randomly drawn and the groups are given around 20 minutes for a  last-minute-rehearsal. The contest is either judged by a third party, or jointly by all event participants.

Official Harmony Brigades also hold a final concert that is open to the public, and serves as the climax of the whole event. The lineup of the show usually concists of a brigade chorus assembled from all participants and the quartet champion of the brigade. Occassionally, special guest performers will headline the show.

Participating in a Harmony Brigade seems to be addicting. When you've been to one, you'll come back for more.